David Beckham's Miami Stadium Vote Reportedly Set For December

David Beckham’s Miami Stadium Vote Reportedly Set For December

David Beckham’s MLS expansion team’s proposed stadium in Miami is set for a vote by a city commission in December, with a referendum put forth to the public to follow in March, according to a report by ESPN.com.

After plenty of uncertainty around the future of the potential team, Beckham’s group, Miami Beckham United, settled on a site adjacent to Marlins Park and is currently in negotiations with the city to purchase the land. The group is also talking with private groups to buy up additional land, something that will make the use of eminent domain not needed, according to Miami city manager Daniel J. Alfonso.

The ESPN report also mentions another potential hurdle in the talks, regarding the Marlins veto power over stadium event dates, in addition to naming rights. However, at least one person is optimistic those issues will be worked out.

“I can tell you the Marlins have expressed that they would like to have the stadium as a neighbor and that they would try to cooperate to also make it happen,” city commissioner Frank Carollo told ESPN. “Right now, there aren’t any issues.”

Provided the city commission agrees to let the deal go ahead, the referendum will be put forth to the voters on March 15, coinciding with Florida’s presidential primary.

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