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  1. So no one else is taking there national identity seriously? What is that even supposed to mean?nThe things is that a lot of the problems (depending on who you ask) are related to the nation states who are always looking at the problems from a very narrow point of view.n In any case compared to the rest of northwestern Europe the UK have received far less refugees. The arguments just doesn’t hold it the fi1t place.nThe Commission had made the rational proposal to distribute the burden evenly according to population size as well as resources, the European parliament even agreed to this, but as soon as the national governments were back home they backtracked started putting in measures with sole purpose of pushed away respo1ibility to the point that even the Sweden and Germany had go back on their commitments.nMaybe Brexit is a good thing in the long run, as to solve our primary problems like tax evasion and immigration pressure, climate change and greater democratic power it would mean greater European integration to which Britain have always been a drag.

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