Barcelona Stars Will not Leave For Manchester City Insists Club President Josep Maria Bartomeu

Barcelona Stars Will not Leave For Manchester City Insists Club President Josep Maria Bartomeu

Barcelona president Josep Maria Bartomeu doesn’t have concerns that star players might be enticed from Camp Nou through the riches of Manchester City.

With Pep Guardiola set to take control from the Premier League outfit in the finish of year, speculation has mounted he could turn to raid his former club included in a squad overhaul bankrolled by City’s millionaire proprietors.

Lionel Messi continues to be associated with a wonderful proceed to the Etihad Stadium previously, while Neymar and Sergio Busquets have expressed their popularity of Guardiola’s methods, prompting rumours they may be enticed with a transfer.

Yet Bartomeu is adamant Barca could keep their finest players and insists the lure of cash alone won’t be enough to determine them move.

“We all know Messi could make better money in other teams, or Neymar, Busquets, Gerard Pique or Luis Suarez,” he told The Daily Mail. “Neymar, for instance, as he found Barcelona, ought to offers using their company teams. Suarez also ought to offers.

“However they made the decision arrive at Barcelona since i think this club attracts players, because we’re greater than a club.

“We take proper care of lots of other activities, being nearer to children on the planet, through UNICEF, with the Melinda Gates Foundation or with the Worldwide Olympic Committee in Africa, through projects with children. All this creates an environment that we’re not just a soccer club. We’re greater than a club.

“We’re confident because we all know our players are extremely happy within our club, within our city. They like sport, their profession, and they’re inside a group. Therefore we are extremely confident individuals players aren’t moving, taking decisions due to money.

“Messi stated a couple of days ago ‘Barcelona would be the only European club which i play for’. Therefore if someone has an interest in Messi, no way. He stated this. I did not express it. He stated this.”

Neymar’s future remains susceptible to speculation as talks more than a new contract show no manifestation of reaching a conclusion, yet Bartomeu has couple of concerns.

“Our players are in just a minute where we renew their contracts, we extend their contracts,” he stated.

“At this time I do not observe that any one of our players need to leave next summer time. I am unable to let you know when we did it or otherwise tried it. But because part of the board we’re responsible people. We all know what is the best for our club. When something is performed, we’ll announce it.”



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